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Energy Healing

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese word, "Rei" meaning Universe, and "Ki" meaning Energy. Reiki is an ancient form of hands-on energy healing that was rediscovered in the nineteenth century by Dr. Mikao Usui. 
Everybody and everything exists of energy. The energy flows through us, surrounds us and nourishes us.
Reiki promotes natural self-healing and balances the energies in the body.
Emilie uses the Reiki techniques combined with crystal energy and sound healing to provide an integrative session.

Integrative Healing Session

This 1 hour session includes energy healing with Reiki, crystal healing and sound therapy with tuning forks. It provides a reading and balancing of your chakras. You can expect to leave this session relaxed and with more clarity.

Sessions take place in your home or via distance healing.

1 hour session: $100

($90 for distance sessions)

Couple Healing Session

A couple healing session will support balancing each person's energy as well as the energy that exists between partners. It will provide individual as well as common insights for you to grow and learn together.

Sessions take place in your home.

1.5 hour session: $125

Reiki for Pets

Reiki is also very beneficial for your pets either they experience anxiety or suffer from an injury or disease.

Sessions take place in your home or via distance healing.

1/2 hour session: $45

"My partner and I were looking for guidance in creating our future. Emilie’s services provided great insight into creating a life that we’ve always wanted. Since then we have a clearer vision and a deeper love. Emilie is amazing at what she does and I would recommend that you book a session and see for yourself."
- Chad
"Simply put, Emilie is an all around beautiful human. In her practice, she has proven to be both highly intuitive and perceptive, yet very grounded in her approach. All of my interactions with Emilie have left me feeling not only a strong trust towards her, and the safe spaces that she creates, but also inspired by the contagious warmth that she radiates. Based on the years that I have worked with her, I would highly recommend any of work that Emilie is offering in her practice!"
- Darren
Calgary, AB
Tel: 587-717-0557
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